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Building Staff Capacity

As the initiative develops, skills gaps and staff capacity building needs may emerge more clearly. Consider that in addition to a project manager or coordinator, the staff will need to ensure that knowledge and experience with the focus industry is a priority. To supplement their own industry knowledge, some sector intermediaries hire or contract with an industry expert.

Staffing does not always depend completely on the intermediary. As the partnership evolves, opportunities for joint-staffing should be considered. Cross-partner staffing considerations are a chance to deepen the level of involvement by partner systems or organizations, and may include:

  • A management team that includes lead staff from each partner. These individuals should be people that can pay attention to the day-to-day activities and management of their organization or firm’s involvement in the partnership;
  • A mechanism that allows transparency of roles and responsibilities of lead staff and their performance; and
  • Joint funding across partners for a primary staff coordinator, and for additional staff or contractors as needed.