Chapter 11 Review Questions

  1. How are you keeping track of what’s working and what’s not about the partnership and its activities?
  2. Can public and private partners “tell the story” of their efforts related to this partnership and its activities? How do you know?
  3. When did you last check in with employers (i.e. Are we still on track? How have your needs changed? What are the most persistent challenges your industry is dealing with? What is working and not working about this initiative?)

Things to Consider

Check in with Employer Members

Why does Evaluation Matter?

Know Where You’re Going

Each sector initiative, as early as possible, should select a set of measures relevant to its specific goals and activities. These measures articulate where the initiative is headed and how it will know when it has gotten there. As you design a benchmarking process that captures the continuous improvement of your sector initiative, consider that your measures should: 

Marketing Tips and Tricks

Your Best Marketing is Word of Mouth

Why does an Effective Marketing Strategy = Success?

It Emphasizes "the New" over the Current

Chapter 4 Review Questions

  1. What is your staffing plan to coordinate and manage the logistics of the partnership?
  2. What are your plans for managing information across partners?
  3. What timeline and expectations does the partnership have for implementing your sector initiative? Consider where you want to be in 6 and 12 months.
  4. What fiscal support does the partnership have right now? How will you leverage additional and on-going support?

Coordinating Logistics and Information

Coordinating Logistics

Taking care of the “administrivia” of a sector initiative is the responsibility of the intermediary, and can be a significant task, including:

Creating a Strategic Plan

Sector initiatives require a fine balance between maintaining focus on the goals and tasks at-hand and being open to new ideas or changes in course. This is where a road map can be useful. When changes occur (such as new members entering the partnership; a shift in immediate skills challenges in the industry; sudden changes to funding), the partnership needs a way to accomodate changing circumstances while staying focused on longer term goals. Developing a strategic plan early in the initiative's lifecycle will make this easier.

Staffing the Partnership

Every sector initiative needs a dedicated intermediary to coordinate its activities, and every intermediary must dedicate the right staff time to carry out needed coordination. The risks of not dedicating time and staff to the effort run high, including setting expectations for outcomes that cannot be realized, and mobilizing partners only to have them leave discouraged. When staffing the initiative, consider that:


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