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Marketing Tips and Tricks

Your Best Marketing is Word of Mouth

It is no secret that individuals respond best to those they consider to be "like-minded." In sector initiatives, that means that employers listen to employers; educational institutions listen to educational institutions; workforce boards listen to workforce boards; economic developers to economic developers. This is why developing "champions" is so critical to success. Recall our discussion of "employer champions" in Chapter 3: Convening and Planning, and consider that this concept should be applied broadly to all partners.

Make an effort to identify and shape champions from:

  • Employer partners;
  • Education and training systems;
  • Economic development entities;
  • Workforce development organizations; and
  • Jobseekers, workers and members of the community.

Make Marketing Easy for all Members

Knowing that the best messengers for your initiative are members themselves, you will want to make it as easy as possible for them to get the word out. Strategies to encourage members to regularly market the initiative and their participation include:

  • Developing a standardized presentation that can be used by all members at various opportunities.
  • Writing up a short elevator speech that can be put on business cards or pocket cards. This way members will always have the what, who, why, and how on hand.
  • Helping members formulate their own testimonial by interviewing them, writing up their responses, and making the product available. The intermediary should either regularly keep track of quotes and testimonies from members, or should survey members on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. These can be turned into soundbytes and testimonies for brochures, websites, interviews or other marketing mediums.

Use Multiple Media to Get your Message Out

A marketing campaign that communicates the vision and goals of the initiative to the community should be considered in the early- to mid-stages of implementation, not only toward the end when activities are fully underway. Remember, you want to use marketing to build momentum and support along the way. As soon as your initiative can boast success, boast! Some mechanisms for sharing with the community might include: