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Product Choice and Distribution

Choose Wisely

Many types of products and services can result from your initiative. You may do a skills gap analysis; develop skill standards; conduct asset mapping related to the industry's needs; develop a new training curriculum or new occupational certificates; describe career pathways, crosswalks, and lattices and develop related coursework; create on-the-job mentoring progams; or create industry marketing or career awareness strategies, such as:

These are all good solutions, but be careful to not put the cart before the horse. It is very common to choose a solution to a problem before really understanding the problem. Before creating any products or services, the partnership will need to dig deep into the root causes of the skills gaps experienced by employers in the industry. The partnership then must ask itself:

  • What solutions make the most sense?
  • What product(s) will achieve the greatest impact or leap toward our desired outcomes?
  • What is pre-conditional for our mid-term and long-term impact?
  • If we develop (fill in the blank), is there a clear line of sight to our desired outcomes? 

Distribute and Use Widely

Products and services that can be clearly linked back to the problem experienced by employers and forward to the change desired by employers should be distributed beyond the inner circle of the partnership. Even skills standards and industry analysis reports should be considered marketing tools for your initiative.