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Real-Life Elevator Speeches

Project QUEST, San Antonio, Texas, engages employers, community colleges and others in coalitions in order to develop training projects that prepare low-income individuals for good jobs in a range of selected industries, including health care and business services. Project QUEST is a nonprofit organization developed through a community organizing effort, and its training requires between one and four semesters to complete

Westside Industrial Retention and Expansion Network (WIRE-Net), Cleveland, Ohio, works with Cleveland manufacturers to provide workforce development and training, manufacturing improvement, community investment and redevelopment, and expansion and relocation services. Founded in 1988, the organization serves more than 150 members and stands as a model for employer-led associations around the country.

Material from Workforce Strategies Initiative (2004) Update: Building Communications Capacity: Sector Programs Share their Experiences, The Aspen Institute, October (2)

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