Sample Summer Camp Description

Float Your Boat Summer Camp

(extracted from the WA Skills Panel Evaluation report)

Another example of a hands-on summer training and learning experience for students is the Float Your Boat summer camp held as part of the Marine Manufacturing Skill Panel, and hosted by the Westport Shipyards. This one-week camp has been held each of the past two summers, and has included 27 students. The camp is designed to not only provide another means for the fast-growing shipyard to market itself to students and prospective employees, but to give students an opportunity to experience the work environment and career opportunities at Westport. It also provides Westport a chance to assess the students’ skills and attitudes. The approach has worked – the company has already hired three employees from the first camp’s 15 students.

The Float Your Boat design and experience has been successful enough that it has convinced the skill panel to launch a number of other hands-on, practical summer learning experiences.

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