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Sample Media Contest Materials

The Wyoming Center for Nursing and Health Care Industry Partnership has improving career awareness as one of its primary goals. To support that goal, they launched a media contest open to all 7th and 8th graders in Wyoming to promote nursing as a career choice. Contestants had to design a radio advertisement and poster. WCNHCP and media partner Warehouse 21, along with online voting, selected the winning design.

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Sample Newsletter

An example of a regular update to stakeholders in the form of a newsletter from a Colorado water industry partnership.

Two issues of a newsletter for health care partnership stakeholders in Fremont County, Wyoming. (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011)

Sample newsletter from the Wyoming Center for Nursing and Health Care Partnership.

Sample Meeting Agenda with Speaker

This sample agenda and promotional materials from S.E. Oklahoma highlights an outside speaker.

Sample Conference Agenda

This sample from the Northwest Boat Builders includes the goals and agenda for a conference on workforce training.

Sample Brochures and Booklets

Several sample are attached:

A flyer for the Imagine Plastics website, created as part of the Pennsylvania Plastics Initiative.

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Sample Activity Reports

A sample quarterly activity report from the ADTEC program in Arkansas describes accomplishment to date and next steps for each of the program's priority areas.

A sample activity report from the Centralia Energy Skills Panel includes a scope of work with a timeline.

Sample Initiative History

A one-page history of a career ladder program in health care.

Sample Fact Sheets

Sample fact sheets are attached from the Pierce County Health Services Careers Council and Colville Tribal Enterprise Council.

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Sample Initiative Brochure

This sample brochure is from the Southern Economic Development Region Criticial Skill Shortage Initiative in Illinois.

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Sample Videos

Video about Carreras en Salud, a health care bridge program for Latinos in Chicago, IL.

Collection of videos about The SOURCE, a manufacturing industry partnership in Grand Rapids, MI.


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