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Examples of Partnership Websites

The Southern North Carolina Allied Health Regional Skills Partnership (SNCAHRSP).

The Source: a collaborative effort involving private industry, government agencies, and not-for-profits creating more positive workplace and home environments to help make this a better community in which to live and work.

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Sample Testimonials

Two documents from WIRE-Net include employer testimonials along with general employer statistics.

Two other documents contain comments from skill panel employers and other partners in Washington state.

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Sample Elevator Speeches

Real-Life Elevator Speeches

Project QUEST, San Antonio, Texas, engages employers, community colleges and others in coalitions in order to develop training projects that prepare low-income individuals for good jobs in a range of selected industries, including health care and business services. Project QUEST is a nonprofit organization developed through a community organizing effort, and its training requires between one and four semesters to complete

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Marketing Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation describing the strategic plan of the Eastern Region Healthcare Coalition in Oklahoma.

(Two files are attached, one in PowerPoint 2003 format and one in the 2007 format. Note that not all slides are editable in the 2003 version.)

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Examples of Communication Strategies

The Aspen Institute: Regional Sector Initiatives Communications Strategies

Summary of Communications Initiative Activities

Homeboyz Interactive
  • Created elevator message
  • Produced brochures
  • Developed presentations to orient business advisors
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Roadmap to a Regional Skills Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing

This is an example of a "plan on a page" document summarizing the goals and actions invovled in establishing of a particular sector partnership.

Sample Handout: What a Sector Partnership Can Do for You

A handout for employers at an industry roundtable, describing the sorts of issues and strategies that have been addressed by sector initiatives.

Sample Industry Roundtable PowerPoint

A real-life example of a PowerPoint presentation given at an Industry Roundtable. Includes data on the region for employers to react to, as well as an introduction to them about the concept of a Regional Skills Alliance (aka sector partnership).


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