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Engaging Industry - Who and When

Who Should be Engaged? (And When?)

In determining which specific employers or industry representatives to engage, you need to consider both what and when. The what refers to what the nature of the industry is, what you need to learn from them, and what actions you need them to take. The when refers to the stage in your sector partnership’s development.

In general...

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Basic Typology of Employer Challenges

General Challenges

Some challenges that all employers face: Some challenges that small and medium-sized employers face: Some challenges that larger employers face:
  • Costs – resources, labor, health benefits, etc;
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Sample Talking Points and Employer Questions

Sample Talking Points and Questions for Employers

What Employers Should Hear from You:

  • That the goal of a sector partnership is to better organize the public sector (including workforce development, education and training, economic development) to meet the needs of their industry;
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Rules of Thumb for Engaging Employers

What Works?

Use ongoing industry and labor market information as an engagement tool. By engaging employers to vet and understand data points, you get critical information about industry needs as well as offering employers a learning and sharing opportunity. Employers are often surprised that other firms are experiencing the same challenges and make the case for collaboration to improve industry wide competitiveness as well as within their individual firms.

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