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Case Study - Southwest/Western Colorado Health Care Initiative

The Southwest Colorado Workforce Center has launched a sector partnership to address healthcare industry challenges in recruitment and retention. Geography is a challenge in recruitment, and higher skilled positions are difficult to fill. The industry reports high turnover due to burnout and strong competition from other industries.

Case Study - Northwest/Western Colorado Healthcare Partnership

The Mesa County Workforce Center has long had the healthcare industry as a targeted sector. Ten years ago the long term health care industry approached them for help in creating a career ladder to move CNAs into careers in more skilled nursing positions (LPN, RN). Following that work, and continuing to listen to the needs of employers, they helped establish a career ladder for emergency medical technicians and paramedics, and cross-walked this to the CNA ladder to create a larger career lattice.

Sample Industry Summit Materials

The Wyoming Center for Nursing and Health Care Industry Partnership has held an annual industry summit towards its goal of transforming nursing education.

2010 Summit brochure and description
2011 Summit brochure

Case Study - Fremont County BOCES Health Industry Partnership

Meeting Healthcare Workforce Needs in Fremont County, Wyoming

Case Study - Southeast Minnesota Pre-Employment Healthcare Academy

Southeast Minnesota Pre-Employment Healthcare Academy

The Problem: High, costly turnover rates at long term care facilities; safety and care concerns for elderly patients; high dropout rates in nursing assistance classes; a misunderstanding of the job by potential workers; and a low availability of diverse caretakers.

Case Study - JVS Patient Services Representative Training

A Bay Area Sector Partnership Connects Dislocated Garment Workers to Jobs in Healthcare

Case Study - L.A. County Healthcare Partnership

When a Financial Crisis Lays Off 2,500 Workers, the Partnership Model Responds

Sample Survey Protocols

Southwest Oklahoma - This example from a health care industry initiative takes the form of a vacancy survey asking employers to identify current and projected needs in specific industries, and includes some background information on the initiative and an invitation to learn more. (The first page includes the outcomes of the survey, survey form is on the next two pages.)


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