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Case Study - Get Into Water! Partnership

In Metro Denver, Arapahoe/Douglas Works! (the local workforce board) received a grant to help the water and wastewater industry. This industry sector has a widely accepted and recognized workforce need - a huge retirement wave coming up and a very low awareness by younger people of the career opportunities in the sector.

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Case Study - Water Industry Cluster at the International Center for Water Technology

The International Center for Water Technology was established at California State University, Fresno, to provide education and research to assist in developing and adopting innovative solutions and technologies that improve water use efficiency. The program’s broad mandate includes water supply and quality; flood protection; and environmental enhancement. Activities focus on extended education, laboratory and field research, and policy development.

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Case Study - Southern California Water Industry Cluster

The Southern California Water Industry Cluster is an effort to stimulate the growth of the region’s water efficiency industries by growing companies, increasing jobs, and improving water conservation and efficiency in the region at the same time. This endeavor is being undertaken as a partnership between the Los Angeles Water Efficiency Workforce Development Program and the So Cal Green Growth Initiative, with additional partners being sought.

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Sample Newsletter

An example of a regular update to stakeholders in the form of a newsletter from a Colorado water industry partnership.

Two issues of a newsletter for health care partnership stakeholders in Fremont County, Wyoming. (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011)

Sample newsletter from the Wyoming Center for Nursing and Health Care Partnership.

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