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initiative management

Sample Sustainability Plan

Framework for an implementation and sustainability plan from North Carolina's Allied Health regional skills partnerships.

Sample Budget Templates

Budget template from the Michigan Regional Skills Alliance and Massachussets Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund.


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Sample Detailed Organization Chart

A sample organization chart detailing lines of decision-making and member participation.

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Sample Workplan

This Excel spreadsheet is an example of a template that could be used for planning an initiatives activities.

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Partnership Building Pitfalls and Tips

True partnerships are essential to the success of sector work, but there are challenges that must be addressed to achieve success. There are some common mistakes that can interfere with the development of a successful initiative. Intermediaries, watch out for these early- and mid-course roadblocks:

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Sample Organization Chart

An example of a possible organization chart for a sector partnership.

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Roadmap to a Regional Skills Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing

This is an example of a "plan on a page" document summarizing the goals and actions invovled in establishing of a particular sector partnership.

Lifecycle of a Sector Initiative

This model, developed by Corporation for a Skilled Workforce, identifies the life cycle that an organization, alliance, or partnership typically goes through to successfully implement a sector initiative. The life cycle includes four phases: Launch, Design, Implementation, and Continuous Improvement.

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Sector Initiative Membership

M-Powered Manufacturing Program Advisory Board Members and Partners, Minnesota

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Examples of Partnership Intermediaries

HIRED, Convener of M-Powered Initiative, Minneapolis, MN

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