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Sample Healthcare Skills Training Curriculum

The Southwest/Western Healthcare Initiative in Colorado created a 4-module training program on essential skills for healthcare. The complete curriculum is provided below, including annotated facilitation guides, powerpoint presentations, and handouts.

Promotional Materials

Course Description
Marketing Flyer & Registration Form

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Sample Program Guide

This Getting Started guide from the ECCLI program in Massachussets provides detailed guidance, resources, and experience-based information to be used by worksite project coordinators to design and implement ECCLI projects.

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Training Program Marketing and Recruitment Guide

This sample guide from the ECCLI program in Massachussets contains tips for project coordinators to use in recruiting workers to participate in training.

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Sample Summer Camp Description

Float Your Boat Summer Camp

(extracted from the WA Skills Panel Evaluation report)

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Sample Mentoring Program

A description of the mentoring program for the Extended Care Career Ladders Initiative (ECCLI) in Massachusetts.

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Sample Career Pathways

Several samples are attached:

A diagram from the ADTEC program in Arkansas describes the educational pathway involved in pursuing careers in advanced manufacturing.

A detailed report describes the process of mapping and creating career ladders in the extended care industry in Massachusetts.

Sample Skill Standards

Two sample skill standards are attached:

The DACUM process was used to develop a summary of work task and skill requirements of middle managers.

The WA Center of Excellence for Energy Technology published a comprehensive skill standards document for Power Generation, including plant operators and plant mechanics.


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