strategic planning

Sample Plan-on-a-Page

This 1 page, tri-fold brochure from Oklahoma summarizes the goals and actions involved in the Grow Oklahoma initiative, in a user-friendly and visually appealing way.

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Theory of Change

Power Point presentation on developing and implementing a theory of change.

A theory of change is a strategy or blueprint for achieving large-scale, long-term goals. It identifies the preconditions, pathways and interventions necessary for an initiative's success. The term can refer to a specific planning tool as well as to a more general overview of how an organization intervenes in a system to initiate and sustain positive change.

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Sample Sustainability Plan

Framework for an implementation and sustainability plan from North Carolina's Allied Health regional skills partnerships.

Sample Strategic Plan

Sample strategic plans from sector intiatives:

Michigan Emerging Markets Skills Alliance for Tool & Die - Materials from this alliance outline not only the final strategic plan, but the process that the partnership used to develop the plan. 

Sample Action Plan

An action plan lays out specific activites toward achieving a goal, including who is responsible, when the activities should be completed, and how the activity will be measured.

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Sample Logic Model

A logic model is one tool that can be used for strategic planning and thinking about the goals and outcomes of an organization. It displays the sequence of actions that describe what the program is and will do, and how investments will link to results.

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