understanding group dynamics

The Groan Zone

Set of slides describing how decisions are made in group process, and how to get through the "groan zone" to reach agreement.


Problem-Solving Approaches

Slide describing innovative and systematic problem-solving styles.


Communication Styles

Slide describing objective and subjective communication styles.


Typology of Personality Types

Slide showing four different personality types along two scales: definite to open ended, and proactive to responsive.


Phases of Group Development in a Sector Initiative

Slides from the WA Workforce Education and Training Board describe the phases of group development and how to encourage a group to move from one to the other.

Tuckman's Theory of Group Dynamics

This model, first proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965, remains a mainstay in management and group dynamic theory. Here is a re-cap of the theory:

The Enthusiasm Curve

Powerpoint slides presenting the typical "enthusiasm" curve of a sector initiative, and who should be engaged at which points to maximize the enthusiasm curve.

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